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mRNA record
GenBank/RefSeq Accession No:NM_122386
Sequence Length:1415
mRNA Sequence:


mRNA Evidence:Evidence Viewer
Total Exons:3
Splicing Variants:

AY048282.1; sequence   protein
AY050819.1; sequence   protein
AY085024.1; sequence   protein 
AY092991.1; sequence   protein 
AY114083.1; sequence   protein 
AY114606.1; sequence   protein 
BT000761.1; sequence   protein 
BT000762.1; sequence   protein
BT006341.1; sequence   protein
D85191.1;     sequence   protein

Other Related Data:

VEGETATIVE STORAGE PROTEIN 2 (VSP2); FUNCTIONS IN: acid phosphatase activity; INVOLVED IN: in 9 processes; LOCATED IN: cytosolic ribosome, vacuole;

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Protein Records:
Protein Refseq UniProt Accession No PDB Accession No Name Length Size GO Cellular Component GO Biological Proccess GO Molecular Function
NP_568454 O82122 VEGETATIVE STORAGE PROTEIN 2 265 29842Da

cytosolic ribosome                                                IDAPubMed
vacuole                                                                  IDAPubMed


defense response to insect                                     IDAPubMed
hyperosmotic salinity response                               IGI PubMed
response to copper ion                                            IEPPubMed
response to insect                                                   IEPPubMed
response to jasmonic acid stimulus                       TASPubMed
response to oxidative stress                                   IEPPubMed
response to wounding                                             IEPPubMed
senescence                                                             IEPPubMed 


acid phosphatase activity                                      IDAPubMed
acid phosphatase activity                                      ISS  

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NP_001031937 Q2V348 VSP2 (VEGETATIVE STORAGE PROTEIN 2) 208 23441Da

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