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Entrez Gene Accession No:At4g29270
Locus No:At4g29270
Annotated Name:HRP8
Other Names:F17A13.90; F17A13_90
Definition:acid phosphatase class B family protein
Protein Family:
Species:Arabidopsis thaliana
Chromosome No:4
Gene Location:14423662 to 14424882
Genomic Sequence Length:18585056 bp
Genomic Sequence:


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Modified on Green Pi:2014-11-22 By javadzamani
mRNA Records:
GenBank RefSeq Accession No Sequence Length mRNA Evidence Total Exons Splicing Variants
NM_119071 940 Evidence Viewer 3

AK227764.1; sequence  protein
AY084437.1; sequence  protein
BT004812.1; sequence  protein 
BT015615.1; sequence          


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Protein Records:
Protein Refseq UniProt Accession No PDB Accession No Name Length Size GO Cellular Component GO Biological Proccess GO Molecular Function
NP_194656 Q9M0F4 acid phosphatase class B family protein 256 28746Da

endomembrane system


acid phosphatase activity

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