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81  Responses of soil microbial community to phosphate rock and annual ryegrass (Lolium multiflorum Lam.) Pi fertilizers - H.C. Guo, N. Ding, T. Mahmood, Q.C. Zhang and G.H. Wang Pak J Bot Download View Record
82  The use and reclamation of clay settling area General - Robert F. Goodrich Download View Record
83  Phosphorylated proteins and control over apatite nucleation, crystal growth, and inhibition Pi & Human health - George A, Veis A Chem Rev Download View Record
84  Improvement of Phytase Activity by a New Saccharomyces cerevisiae Strain Using Statistical Optimization General - Ries EF, Alves Macedo G Enzyme Res Download View Record
85  Inorganic phosphate modulates the expression of the NaPi-2a transporter in the trans-Golgi network and the interaction with PIST in the proximal tubule General - Lanaspa MA, Caldas YA, Breusegem SY, Andres-Hernando A, Cicerchi C, Levi M, Sorribas V Biomed Res Int Download View Record
86  In vitro sensitivity of Rhizobium and phosphate solubilising bacteria to herbicides Pi fertilizers - Jeenie, Sharma P, Khanna V Indian J Microbiol Download View Record
87  A material flow analysis of phosphorus in japan: The iron and steel industry as a major phosphorus source General - Kazuyo Matsubae-Yokoyama, Hironari Kubo, Kenichi Nakajima, Tetsuya Nagasaka J Indust Ecolog Download View Record
88  Phosphate-deficiency inducible promoter General - Daniel D. Lefebvre, Mohammad A. Malboobi Patent Lens DB Download View Record
89  Arabidopsis purple acid phosphatase 10 is a component of plant adaptive mechanism to phosphate limitation General - Wang L, Liu D Plant Signal Be Download View Record
90  Over-expression of AtPAP2 in Camelina sativa leads to faster plant growth and higher seed yield General - Zhang Y, Yu L, Yung KF, Leung DY, Sun F, Lim BL Biotechnol Biof Download View Record
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