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41  Phosphate recycling in the phosphorus industry Methods - Schipper WJ, Klapwijk A, Potjer B, Rulkens WH, Temmink BG, Kiestra FD, Lijmbach AC Environ Technol Download View Record
42  Physico-chemical P removal from the liquid fraction of pig manure as an intermediary step in manure processing General - E. Meers, D. P. L. Rousseau, E. Lesage, E. Demeersseman, F. M. G. Tack Water, Air, and Soil Pollution Download View Record
43  Biological P-removal in municipal waste water treatment plants : possibilities for integrating P-recovery General - Bernd Heinzmann Natural History Museum Download View Record
44  Phosphorus recovery from human urine Methods - K. Gethke, H. Herbst, D. Montag, D. Bruszies, J. Pinnekamp Water Practice & Technology Download View Record
45  Phosphate recovery. Where do we stand today? Methods - Centre Europeen dEtudes des Polyphosphates (CEEP) Natural History Museum Download View Record
46  Calcium phosphate microcrystal deposition in the human intervertebral disc Pi & Human health - Lee RS, Kayser MV, Ali SY J Anat Download View Record
47  Dental composites based on amorphous calcium phosphate - resin composition/physicochemical properties study Pi & Human health - Skrtic D, Antonucci JM J Biomater Appl Download View Record
48  Detection of calcium phosphate crystals in the joint fluid of patients with osteoarthritis - analytical approaches and challenges Pi & Human health - Yavorskyy A, Hernandez-Santana A, McCarthy G, McMahon G Analyst Download View Record
49  Nano DCPA-Whisker composites with high strength and Ca and PO4 release Pi & Human health - H.H.K. Xu, L. Sun, M.D. Weir, J.M. Antonucci, S. Takagi, L.C. Chow, M. Peltz J Dent Res Download View Record
50  Phosphate levels and blood pressure in incident hemodialysis patients: a longitudinal study Pi & Human health - Huang CX, Plantinga LC, Fink NE, Melamed ML, Coresh J, Powe NR Adv Chronic Kidney Dis Download View Record
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