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21  The chemolithoautotroph Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans can survive under phosphate-limiting conditions by expressing a C-P lyase operon that allows it to grow on phosphonates General - Vera M, Pagliai F, Guiliani N, Jerez CA Appl Environ Microbiol Download View Record
22  Phosphate homeostasis and root development in Arabidopsis are synchronized by the zinc finger transcription factor ZAT6 General - Devaiah BN, Nagarajan VK, Raghothama KG Plant Physiol Download View Record
23  Soil development in phosphate-mined created wetlands of Florida, USA General - Vimala D. Nair, Donald A. Graetz, K. Ramesh Reddy, Oscar G. Olila Wetlands Download View Record
24  Diversity enhances agricultural productivity via rhizosphere phosphorus facilitation on phosphorus-deficient soils Pi fertilizers - Li L, Li SM, Sun JH, Zhou LL, Bao XG, Zhang HG, Zhang FS Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A Download View Record
25  Trehalose 6-phosphate is required for the onset of leaf senescence associated with high carbon availability General - Wingler A, Delatte TL, O Hara LE, Primavesi LF, Jhurreea D, Paul MJ, Schluepmann H Plant Physiol Download View Record
26  An abscisic acid-AtNAP transcription factor-SAG113 protein phosphatase 2C regulatory chain for controlling dehydration in senescing Arabidopsis leaves General - Zhang K, Gan SS Plant Physiol Download View Record
27  Molecular mimicry regulates ABA signaling by SnRK2 kinases and PP2C phosphatases General - Soon FF, Ng LM, Zhou XE, West GM, Kovach A, Tan MH, Suino-Powell KM, He Y, Xu Y, Chalmers MJ, Brunzelle JS, Zhang H, Yang H, Jiang H, Li J, Yong EL, Cutler S, Zhu JK, Griffin PR, Melcher K, Xu HE Science Download View Record
28  The Arabidopsis purple acid phosphatase AtPAP10 is predominantly associated with the root surface and plays an important role in plant tolerance to phosphate limitation General - Wang L, Li Z, Qian W, Guo W, Gao X, Huang L, Wang H, Zhu H, Wu JW, Wang D, Liu D Plant Physiol Download View Record
29  The crystal structure of arabidopsis VSP1 reveals the plant class C-like phosphatase structure of the DDDD superfamily of phosphohydrolases General - Chen Y, Wei J, Wang M, Shi Z, Gong W, Zhang M PLoS One Download View Record
30  Selective inhibition of clade A phosphatases type 2C by PYR/PYL/RCAR abscisic acid receptors General - Antoni R, Gonzalez-Guzman M, Rodriguez L, Rodrigues A, Pizzio GA, Rodriguez PL Plant Physiol Download View Record
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