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191  New aspects on phosphate sensing and signalling in Saccharomyces cerevisiae Pi in Saccharomyces cerevisiae - Mouillon JM, Persson BL FEMS Yeast Res Download View Record
192  Nitrate and phosphate availability and distribution have different effects on root system architecture of Arabidopsis Pi in Arabidopsis thaliana - Linkohr BI, Williamson LC, Fitter AH, Leyser HM Plant J Download View Record
193  Phosphorus limitation in nitrifying groundwater filters Pi & Environmental impacts - de Vet WW, van Loosdrecht MC, Rietveld LC Water Res View Record
194  PHO2, microRNA399, and PHR1 define a phosphate-signaling pathway in plants Pi in Arabidopsis thaliana - Bari R, Datt Pant B, Stitt M, Scheible WR Plant Physiol Download View Record
195  Signaling network in sensing phosphate availability in plants Pi in other plants - Chiou TJ, Lin SI Annu Rev Plant Biol View Record
196  Update on phosphorus nutrition in Proteaceae. Phosphorus nutrition of proteaceae in severely phosphorus-impoverished soils: are there lessons to be learned for future crops? Pi in other plants - Lambers H, Finnegan PM, Laliberte E, Pearse SJ, Ryan MH, Shane MW, Veneklaas EJ Plant Physiol Download View Record
197  Regulation of OsSPX1 and OsSPX3 on expression of OsSPX domain genes and Pi-starvation signaling in rice Pi in Oryza sativa - Wang Z, Hu H, Huang H, Duan K, Wu Z, Wu P J Integr Plant Biol Download View Record
198  Root phenes for enhanced soil exploration and phosphorus acquisition: tools for future crops Pi in other plants - Lynch JP Plant Physiol Download View Record
199  The role of microRNAs in phosphorus deficiency signaling Pi in other plants - Kuo HF, Chiou TJ Plant Physiol Download View Record
200  Vacuolar Ca2+/H+ transport activity is required for systemic phosphate homeostasis involving shoot-to-root signaling in Arabidopsis Pi in Arabidopsis thaliana - Liu TY, Aung K, Tseng CY, Chang TY, Chen YS, Chiou TJ Plant Physiol Download View Record
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