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11  Phytotoxic effects of (6)-catechin in vitro, in soil, and in the field General - Inderjit mail, Jarrod L. Pollock, Ragan M. Callaway, William Holben PLoS One Download View Record
12  Root structure and functioning for efficient acquisition of phosphorus: Matching morphological and physiological traits General - Lambers H, Shane MW, Cramer MD, Pearse SJ, Veneklaas EJ Ann Bot Download View Record
13  Sustainable phosphorus loadings from effective and cost-effective phosphorus management around the Baltic Sea General - Bryhn AC PLoS One Download View Record
14  Enhancing soil carbon sequestration on phosphate mine lands in florida by planting short-rotation bioenergy crops General - Stan D. Wullschleger, Steve A. Segrest, Donald L. Rockwood, Charles T. Garten Jr. NETL Download View Record
15  An epizootic of avian botulism in a phosphate mine settling pond in northern Florida General - Forrester DJ, Wenner KC, White FH, Greiner EC, Marion WR, Thul JE, Berkhoff GA J Wildl Dis Download View Record
16  Effects of phosphate rock on sequential chemical extraction of lead in contaminated soils General - Lena Q., Gade N. Rao JEQ Download View Record
17  History of phosphate industry in florida General - Bill Woolwine Polk County Public Schools Download View Record
18  Cancer morbidity and mortality in phosphate workers General - Block G, Matanoski GM, Seltser R, Mitchell T Cancer Res Download View Record
19  Phosphate rock General - R A Facer, J Whitehouse, Geological Survey of New South Wale NSW Download View Record
20  Type 2C protein phosphatase ABI1 is a negative regulator of strawberry fruit ripening General - Jia HF, Lu D, Sun JH, Li CL, Xing Y, Qin L, Shen YY J Exp Bot Download View Record
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