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181  Expression analyses of three members of the AtPHO1 family reveal differential interactions between signaling pathways involved in phosphate deficiency and the responses to auxin, cytokinin, and abscis Pi in Arabidopsis thaliana - Ribot C, Wang Y, Poirier Y Planta View Record
182  Spatial distribution and expression of intracellular and extracellular acid phosphatases of cluster roots at different developmental stages in white lupin Pi in other plants - Tang H, Li X, Zu C, Zhang F, Shen J J Plant Physiol View Record
183  Understanding plant responses to phosphorus starvation for improvement of plant tolerance to phosphorus deficiency by biotechnological approaches Pi in other plants - Ha S, Tran LS Crit Rev Biotechnol View Record
184  Characterization of the phosphate starvation-induced glycerol-3-phosphate permease gene family in Arabidopsis Pi in Arabidopsis thaliana - Ramaiah M, Jain A, Baldwin JC, Karthikeyan AS, Raghothama KG Plant Physiol Download View Record
185  Differential effects of sucrose and auxin on localized phosphate deficiency-induced modulation of different traits of root system architecture in Arabidopsis Pi in Arabidopsis thaliana - Jain A, Poling MD, Karthikeyan AS, Blakeslee JJ, Peer WA, Titapiwatanakun B, Murphy AS, Raghothama KG Plant Physiol Download View Record
186  OsPTF1, a novel transcription factor involved in tolerance to phosphate starvation in rice Pi in Oryza sativa - Yi K, Wu Z, Zhou J, Du L, Guo L, Wu Y, Wu P Plant Physiol Download View Record
187  A focus on natural variation for abiotic constraints response in the model species Arabidopsis thaliana Pi in Arabidopsis thaliana - Lefebvre V, Kiani SP, Durand-Tardif M Int J Mol Sci Download View Record
188  Crucial roles of sucrose and microRNA399 in systemic signaling of P deficiency: a tale of two team players? General - Liu J, Vance CP Plant Signal Behav Download View Record
189  Identification of rice purple acid phosphatases related to phosphate starvation signalling Pi in Oryza sativa - Zhang Q, Wang C, Tian J, Li K, Shou H Plant Biol (Stuttg) View Record
190  Sucrose transport in the phloem: integrating root responses to phosphorus starvation General - Hammond JP, White PJ J Exp Bot Download View Record
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