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151  The plastidic pentose phosphate translocator represents a link between the cytosolic and the plastidic pentose phosphate pathways in plants General - Eicks M, Maurino V, Knappe S, Flugge UI, Fischer K Plant Physiol Download View Record
152  Proteomics dissection of plant responses to mineral nutrient deficiency General - Liang C, Tian J, Liao H Proteomics Download View Record
153  Eliminating the purple acid phosphatase AtPAP26 in Arabidopsis thaliana delays leaf senescence and impairs phosphorus remobilization Pi in Arabidopsis thaliana - Robinson WD, Carson I, Ying S, Ellis K, Plaxton WC New Phytol View Record
154  Improved phosphate metabolism and biomass production by overexpression of AtPAP18 in tobacco Pi in other plants - Zamani K, Sabet MS, Lohrasebi T, Mousavi A, Malboobi MA Biologia View Record
155  Phosphatase under-producer mutants have altered phosphorus relations Pi in Arabidopsis thaliana - Tomscha JL, Trull MC, Deikman J, Lynch JP, Guiltinan MJ Plant Physiol Download View Record
156  Differential expression of Arabidopsis thaliana acid phosphatases in response to abiotic stresses Pi in Arabidopsis thaliana - Lohrasebi T, Malboobi MA, Samaeian A, Sanei V ijbiotech Download View Record
157  Cloning and characterization of phosphorus starvation inducible Brassica napus PURPLE ACID PHOSPHATASE 12 gene family, and imprinting of a recently evolved MITE-minisatellite twin structure Pi in other plants - Lu K, Chai YR, Zhang K, Wang R, Chen L, Lei B, Lu J, Xu XF, Li JN Theor Appl Genet View Record
158  A type 5 acid phosphatase gene from Arabidopsis thaliana is induced by phosphate starvation and by some other types of phosphate mobilising/oxidative stress conditions Pi in Arabidopsis thaliana - del Pozo JC, Allona I, Rubio V, Leyva A, de la Pena A, Aragoncillo C, Paz-Ares J Plant J Download View Record
159  Diesterase activity and substrate binding in purple acid phosphatases General - Cox RS, Schenk G, Mitic N, Gahan LR, Hengge AC J Am Chem Soc View Record
160  Purification and characterization of secreted acid phosphatase in phosphorus-deficient Arabidopsis thaliana Pi in Arabidopsis thaliana - Coello P Physiol Plant View Record
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