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141  Comprehensive sequence and whole-life-cycle expression profile analysis of the phosphate transporter gene family in rice General - Liu F, Chang XJ, Ye Y, Xie WB, Wu P, Lian XM Mol Plant Download View Record
142  Phosphorus dynamics: from soil to plant General - Jianbo Shen, Lixing Yuan, Junling Zhang, Haigang Li, Zhaohai Bai, Xinping Chen, Weifeng Zhang, Fusuo Zhang Plant Physiol Download View Record
143  Structure and expression profile of the Arabidopsis PHO1 gene family indicates a broad role in inorganic phosphate homeostasis General - Wang Y, Ribot C, Rezzonico E, Poirier Y Plant Physiol Download View Record
144  Analysis of the plastidic phosphate translocator gene family in Arabidopsis and identification of new phosphate translocator-homologous transporters, classified by their putative substrate-binding sit General - Knappe S, Flugge UI, Fischer K Plant Physiol Download View Record
145  Evidence for network evolution in an Arabidopsis interactome map General - Arabidopsis Interactome Mapping Consortium Science Download View Record
146  Smart role of plant 14-3-3 proteins in response to phosphate deficiency General - Xu W, Jia L, Shi W, Liang J, Zhang J Plant Signal Behav Download View Record
147  Nonredundant regulation of rice arbuscular mycorrhizal symbiosis by two members of the phosphate transporter1 gene family General - Yang SY, Gronlund M, Jakobsen I, Grotemeyer MS, Rentsch D, Miyao A, Hirochika H, Kumar CS, Sundaresan V, Salamin N, Catausan S, Mattes N, Heuer S, Paszkowski U Plant Cell View Record
148  Functional characterization of 14 Pht1 family genes in yeast and their expressions in response to nutrient starvation in soybean General - Qin L, Guo Y, Chen L, Liang R, Gu M, Xu G, Zhao J, Walk T, Liao H PLoS One Download View Record
149  Roles of ubiquitination in the control of phosphate starvation responses in plants(f) General - Rojas-Triana M, Bustos R, Espinosa-Ruiz A, Prat S, Paz-Ares J, Rubio V J Integr Plant Biol Download View Record
150  Function of wheat phosphate transporter gene TaPHT2;1 in Pi translocation and plant growth regulation under replete and limited Pi supply conditions General - Guo C, Zhao X, Liu X, Zhang L, Gu J, Li X, Lu W, Xiao K Planta Download View Record
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