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111  Phosphate: an old bone molecule but new cardiovascular risk factor Pi & Human health - Shobeiri N, Adams MA, Holden RM Br J Clin Pharmacol View Record
112  Occupational exposure of phosphate mine workers: airborne radioactivity measurements and dose assessment Pi & Human health - Khater AE, Hussein MA, Hussein MI J Environ Radioact Download View Record
113  Physical and thermal treatment of phosphate ores - An overview General - Abdel-Zaher M. Abouzeid International Journal of Mineral Processing Download View Record
114  The story of phosphorus: Global food security and food for thought General - Dana Cordell, Jan-Olof Drangert, Stuart White Global Environmental Change Download View Record
115  Phytase production from Pseudomonas putida harbouring Escherichia coli appA General - Dharmsthiti S, Chalermpornpaisarn S, Kiatiyajarn M, Chanpokapaiboon A, Klongsithidej Y, Techawiparut J Process Biochemistry Download View Record
116  Measurement of recovery in lakes following phosphate mining General - James R. Pratt, John Cairns, Jr., Paul M. Stewart, Nancy B. Pratt, B. R. Niederlehner FIPR View Record
117  A dual-targeted purple acid phosphatase in Arabidopsis thaliana moderates carbon metabolism and its overexpression leads to faster plant growth and higher seed yield General - Sun F, Suen PK, Zhang Y, Liang C, Carrie C, Whelan J, Ward JL, Hawkins ND, Jiang L, Lim BL New Phytol View Record
118  Proteomics of phosphate use and deprivation in plants General - Alexova R, Millar AH Proteomics View Record
119  Better Crops With Plant Food: Phosphorus for Agriculture (Vol. LXXXIII (83) 1999, No. 1) General - IPIN Institute Download View Record
120  Phosphate transport and homeostasis in Arabidopsis General - Poirier Y, Bucher M Arabidopsis Book Download View Record
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