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101  Laser microdissection reveals that transcripts for five plant and one fungal phosphate transporter genes are contemporaneously present in arbusculated cells General - Balestrini R, Gomez-Ariza J, Lanfranco L, Bonfante P Mol Plant Microbe Interact Download View Record
102  Phosphate solubilizers enhance NPK fertilizer use efficiency in rice and legume cultivation General - Duarah I, Deka M, Saikia N, Deka Boruah HP 3 Biotech Download View Record
103  A DNA 3 phosphatase functions in active DNA demethylation in Arabidopsis General - Martinez-Macias MI, Qian W, Miki D, Pontes O, Liu Y, Tang K, Liu R, Morales-Ruiz T, Ariza RR, Roldan-Arjona T, Zhu JK Mol Cell Download View Record
104  ROP11 GTPase negatively regulates ABA signaling by protecting ABI1 phosphatase activity from inhibition by the ABA receptor RCAR1/PYL9 in Arabidopsis General - Li Z, Li Z, Gao X, Chinnusamy V, Bressan R, Wang ZX, Zhu JK, Wu JW, Liu D J Integr Plant Biol View Record
105  Bioprospecting potential of mangrove resources Pi & Human health - Kathiresan K., Sithranga Boopathy N., Sunil Kumar Sahu, N., Asmathunisha, K. Saravanakumar, Syed Musthafa, M., Ravinder Singh, C., Kavitha, S., Anandhan, S., Abirami, G., Kayalvizhi, K and Shanmuga Ar Bret Research journal Download View Record
106  Growth promotion of italian ryegrass (Lolium multiflorum Lam.) by application of plant growth promoting Rhizobacteria Pi fertilizers - Dusica Delic, Olivera Stajkovic-Srbinovic, Svetlana Zivkovic, Nada Protic, Natasa Rasulic, Dorde Kuzmanovic, Aleksandar Simic Plant Protection Download View Record
107  Isolation and enrichment of sugar press mud (SPM) adapted microorganism for production of biofertilizer by using sugar press mud Pi fertilizers - Nagesh N. Patil, Sumit Jadhav, Sachin S. Ghorpade and Abhijeetkumar B. Sharma BioIT Journals Download View Record
108  Effect of bio and chemical fertilizers on seed yield and its components of dill (Anethum graveolens) Pi fertilizers - Fatemeh Hashemzadeh, Bahram Mirshekari, Farrokh Rahimzadeh Khoei, Mehrdad Yarnia, Alireza Tarinejad Journal of Medicinal Plants Research Download View Record
109  The secreted purple acid phosphatase isozymes AtPAP12 and AtPAP26 play a pivotal role in extracellular phosphate-scavenging by Arabidopsis thaliana General - Robinson WD, Park J, Tran HT, Del Vecchio HA, Ying S, Zins JL, Patel K, McKnight TD, Plaxton WC J Exp Bot Download View Record
110  Jordan Phosphate Mines financial highlights General - Riham N. Al Masri, Loay Abu Baker AMWAL Invest Download View Record
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