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91  A putative myristoylated 2C-type protein phosphatase, PP2C74, interacts with SnRK1 in Arabidopsis General - Tsugama D, Liu S, Takano T FEBS Lett Download View Record
92  Functional roles of the protein phosphatase 2C, AtAIP1, in abscisic acid signaling and sugar tolerance in Arabidopsis General - Lim CW, Kim JH, Baek W, Kim BS, Lee SC Plant Sci View Record
93  Perturbation of cytokinin and ethylene-signalling pathways explain the strong rooting phenotype exhibited by Arabidopsis expressing the Schizosaccharomyces pombe mitotic inducer, cdc25 General - Spadafora N, Parfitt D, Marchbank A, Li S, Bruno L, Vaughan R, Nieuwland J, Buchanan-Wollaston V, Herbert R, Bitonti MB, Doonan J, Albani D, Prinsen E, Francis D, Rogers H BMC Plant Biol Download View Record
94  TONNEAU2/FASS regulates the geometry of microtubule nucleation and cortical array organization in interphase Arabidopsis cells General - Kirik A, Ehrhardt DW, Kirik V. Plant Cell Download View Record
95  Discovery and Analysis of Cofactor-dependent Phosphoglycerate Mutase Homologs as Novel Phosphoserine Phosphatases in Hydrogenobacter thermophilus General - Chiba Y, Oshima K, Arai H, Ishii M, Igarashi Y J Biol Chem View Record
96  PAPP2C Interacts with the Atypical Disease Resistance Protein RPW8.2 and Negatively Regulates Salicylic Acid-Dependent Defense Responses in Arabidopsis General - Wang WM, Ma XF, Zhang Y, Luo MC, Wang GL, Bellizzi M, Xiong XY, Xiao SY Mol Plant View Record
97  Comparative phosphoproteomic analysis of microsomal fractions of Arabidopsis thaliana and Oryza sativa subjected to high salinity General - Chang IF, Hsu JL, Hsu PH, Sheng WA, Lai SJ, Lee C, Chen CW, Hsu JC, Wang SY, Wang LY, Chen CC Plant Sci View Record
98  Engineering starch accumulation by manipulation of phosphate metabolism of starch General - Weise SE, Aung K, Jarou ZJ, Mehrshahi P, Li Z, Hardy AC, Carr DJ, Sharkey TD Plant Biotechno View Record
99  Histidine biosynthesis General - Ingle RA Arabidopsis Book Download View Record
100  The histone phosphatase inhibitory property of plant nucleosome assembly protein-related proteins (NRPs) General - Biro J, Farkas I, Domoki M, Otvos K, Bottka S, Dombradi V, Feher A Plant Physiol Biochem View Record
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