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Title:Phosphorylated proteins and control over apatite nucleation, crystal growth, and inhibition
Section:Pi & Human health -
Author:George A, Veis A
URL:Chem Rev
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Living organisms are capable of inducing the crystallization and deposition of a wide variety of minerals but the vertebrates mainly utilize the calcium phosphates in constructing their mineral phases in both normal circumstances in bone, dentin and tooth enamel and in pathological ectopic mineral deposits. The predominant form of the mineral in all situations is as carbonated apatite. However, the extent of mineralization in a particular tissue or organ is quite variable and crystallite size, crystal shape, and the packing and organization of the mineral crystals may also be variable. It is clear that the same physical chemical principles must apply to all, but it is equally clear that the organism must tightly regulate the local environment where the mineral is formed. This is an intrinsically complex problem because the mineral crystals of bone and dentin form in the extracellular matrix, external to the cells which are the ultimate regulators of the process.

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