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Title:Phosphate and soil binding: factors limiting bacterial degradation of ionic phosphorus-containing pesticide metabolites
Section:Pi fertilizers -
Author:Daughton CG, Cook AM, Alexander M
URL:Appl Environ Microbiol
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Soils that had a high binding capacity for inorganic orthophosphate (Pi) had reduced capacities to bind ionic alkyl phosphorus compounds. Only ionic methylphosphonate (MPn) and ionic phenylphosphonate exhibited moderate binding. Pseudomonas testosteroni used either MPn or Pi as a sole phosphorus source and exhibited diauxic utilization of MPn and Pi. The utilization of MPn was suppressed in the presence of Pi. This suppression was abolished by a Pi-binding soil. The soil did not have a significant effect on the maximum rate of degradation of either MPn or the poorly bound ionic O-isopropyl methylphosphonate, whereas the amount of MPn (but not the amount of O-isopropyl methylphosphonate) metabolized was reduced in the presence of soil.

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