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Title:Second international conference on the recovery of phosphorus from sewage and animal wastes
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Author:Comite europeen detudes des polyphosphates (CEEP)
URL:Natural History Museum
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Over 260 representatives of the water treatment industry, regulators and scientists were present at the Second International Conference on P-recovery in Nooordvijkerhout, The Netherlands, March 2001. Social and economic perspectives, and the state of technical development of processes, for the recovery of phosphates for recycling from sewage and animal wastes were presented and discussed. This Second International Conference on this subject took place three years after the first such meeting at Warwick University, UK, in May 1998. The first Conference had been very much an exploratory meeting, bringing together actors from different areas of activity (water industry, research scientists, phosphate industry âÂ?¦) to exchange very new ideas about the possibility of Precycling. This Second Conference, however, showed a significant change of status of the question, with presentations of full-scale pilot trials now underway and discussions of the economic and industrial feasibility and deciding factors.

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