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Title:Study on structural characteristics of pillared clay modified phosphate fertilizers and its increase efficiency mechanism
Section:Pi fertilizers -
Author:Wu PX, Liao ZW
URL:J Zhejiang Univ Sci B
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Three types of new high-efficiency phosphate fertilizers were made when pillared clays at certain proportions were added into ground phosphate rock. Chemical analyses showed that their soluble phosphorus content decreased more than that of superphosphate. Pot experiment showed that, under equal weights, the new fertilizers increased their efficiency by a large margin over that of superphosphate. Researches on their structures by means of XRD, IR and EPR spectrum revealed that their crystal structures changed considerably, improving their activity and preventing the fixation of available phosphorus in the soil, and consequently, greatly improved the bioavailability and became the main cause of the increase of biomass.

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