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Title:Isolation and enrichment of sugar press mud (SPM) adapted microorganism for production of biofertilizer by using sugar press mud
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Author:Nagesh N. Patil, Sumit Jadhav, Sachin S. Ghorpade and Abhijeetkumar B. Sharma
URL:BioIT Journals
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Sugar Press Mud (SPM) a by-product of the alcohol distillation originating from the fermentation of sugar cane molasses persists difficulties in handling due to its large volume productions and the huge amounts of organic matter that it contains which unable its unloading into the water sources. Thus there is a necessity of treating SPM to turn it in a valuable bio-fertilizer. The selected strains of plant growth promoting Rhizobacteria (PGPR) beneficial soil organism is adapted to the SPM in laboratory followed by enriching it with SPM which acts as a nutrient as well as Carrier material.
SPM a carrier of inoculant bacteria shows lower tolerance for physical stress during storage and particularly for temperature variations. Thus it can be used for soil application or seed treatment to make basic nutrients readily available and enhance soil fertility.

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