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Title:Growth promotion of italian ryegrass (Lolium multiflorum Lam.) by application of plant growth promoting Rhizobacteria
Section:Pi fertilizers -
Author:Dusica Delic, Olivera Stajkovic-Srbinovic, Svetlana Zivkovic, Nada Protic, Natasa Rasulic, Dorde Kuzmanovic, Aleksandar Simic
URL:Plant Protection
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The object of this study was to evaluate the possible PGPR effects of ryegrass inoculation with Pseudomonas sp. strains as well as its co-inoculation with Rhizobium trifolii on the yield and quality of Italian ryegrassm, with the aim to select effective strains as biofertilizer. The inoculation effects of PGPR on the yield of Italian Ryegrass cultivar K-29t were examined in pot experiment under greenhouse conditions. The experiment was designed with 3 inoculated treatments with 3 replications in completely randomised system. Inoculation of ryegrass with two Pseudomonas sp. strains LG and L1K alone as well as strain co-inoculation with strains L1K and Rhizobium trfolii 459 represented treatments which were compared with control uninoculated treatment-Ø. The response of plant to the inoculation and co-inoculation was positive in comparison to uninoculated plants. Results showed a significant positive influence of co-inoculation with strains R. trifilii 459 and Pseudomonas sp. LG as well as Pseudomonas sp. L1K alone on shoot yield, N and P contents of Italian ryegrass. Results indicated that Pseudomonas sp. strains L1K and LG alone and in co-inoculation with rhizobial strains can be investigated in further researches as potential agent of biofertilizer for plant growth promotion of Italian ryerass.

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