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Title:Functional roles of the protein phosphatase 2C, AtAIP1, in abscisic acid signaling and sugar tolerance in Arabidopsis
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Author:Lim CW, Kim JH, Baek W, Kim BS, Lee SC
URL:Plant Sci
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Biotic signaling molecules including abscisic acid (ABA) serve as an integrator of abiotic stress including high salinity and drought. Recent studies have led to the identification of an ABA signaling pathway from the ABA receptor to stomatal closure in response to abiotic stress. ABA is linked to ABA receptors and protein phosphatase 2C (PP2C) members. In this study, we reconstituted the ABA signaling pathway as a protein-protein interaction between the RCAR type receptor and AIP1, which is one of the group A PP2C member. Several ABA receptors interact with AIP1 in an ABA dependent or independent manner. aip1 null mutant plants exhibited reduced sensitivity to ABA and glucose during the seed germination and seedling stage. Taken together, these results demonstrated that AIP1 is associated with ABA-mediated cell signaling and function as positive regulators of ABA.


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