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Title:A putative myristoylated 2C-type protein phosphatase, PP2C74, interacts with SnRK1 in Arabidopsis
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Author:Tsugama D, Liu S, Takano T
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N-myristoylation is a lipid modification of many signaling proteins in which myristate is added to an N-terminal glycine residue. Here we show that PP2C74, a putative myristoylated 2C-type protein phosphatase (PP2C) in Arabidopsis, is transcribed in various tissues and has protein phosphatase activity. GFP-fused PP2C74 localized to the plasma membrane, but not when a glycine residue at position 2, which is the putative myristoylation site, was substituted with an alanine residue. Yeast two-hybrid analysis and GST pull-down analysis showed that PP2C74 interacts with AKIN10, the catalytic α subunit of the SnRK1 protein kinase complex, the β subunits of which are known targets of myristoylation. Structured summary of protein interactions AKIN10physically interacts with PP2C74 by two hybrid (View interaction) AKIN10physically interacts with PP2C74 by pull down (View interaction).


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