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GreenPi Network

The main goal of GreenPi Network is to develop a biosystem to achieve as comprehensive understanding as possible of the plant strategies to acquire phosphate (Pi). This would help to explore alternative ways for reducing or even replacing the chemical Pi fertilizer usage by:

  • Enhancement of plant capability to acquire Pi from alternative resources;
  • Explore alternative resources to fulfill the need of plant for Pi such as the use of biofertilzres;

To this end, close interdisciplinary collaborations among scientists from a wide spectrum of disciplines hands in hands with practitioners are required globally.

GreenPi website functions as a central data management and provider system is to create a joint communication platform for the partners in the network around the world through which they can exchange their findings. Therefore, its duty includes the storage, retrieval, analysis and interpretation of all relevant data to plant Pi acquisition from both laboratories and fields, including:

  • Pi availibity in various soil types, mines and organic matters;
  • Pi homeostasis within the cells, tissues, organs and whole plants;
  • Genes involved in Pi acquisition such as acid phsphatase, organic acid synthetases, Pi transporters, etc.;
  • Genetic manipulations and transformation data;
  • Ecological data on Pi acquisition in the fields and range lands.

GreenPi web site provides password-protected access for all groups to submit, retrieve and utilize data as well as specific softwares developed for the GreenPi networkers.

GreenPi web site provides services on:

  • Genes and genomes;
  • Transcriptomes;
  • Proteomes;
  • Microbial interactions;
  • Pi resources
  • Relevant softwares;
  • Biosystems;
  • Literature;
  • Links to related web sites.